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Cafe 312: The First Coffee Shop In Kuwait To Employ Disabled People

Karan Purswani
October 15, 2022
5 min read


As per statistics from Public Authority for Disability Affairs (PADA), the total number of registered disabled people in Kuwait is 59,302, which is very less. But those who are not registered might be more. 

It’s very difficult for disabled people to get a job in Kuwait or any country, simply because they are not “like us”. But brands such as “Cafe 312” are standing against the societal norm. They only hire “people with special needs” at their coffee shops.

The first establishment of its sort in Kuwait, Cafe 312 is handled by ten staff members who have special needs and serves hot and cold beverages, various juices, sandwiches, and light snacks. The crew of the cafe is pleased with the concept of this initiative because it allows them to express themselves and gain the necessary experiences.


And the Cafe 312 has received immense recognition from media and the people. They love the concept. 

“The cafe’s staff are happy with the idea of this project, where they can express themselves and get the needed experiences” - KUNA

Brand collaborations

Other companies joined hands with Cafe 312 in multiple ways. Sultan center opened Cafe 312 in its Souq Sharq branch. AlHafez pharmacy proposed that 20% of total purchases from their store will go in support of Cafe 312. 

Mabanee Real Estate Company hosted the staff to promote the initiative of integrating special needs individuals in workplaces. On top of that, Kuwait Airways, National Bank of Kuwait, American Univeristy of Kuwait (AUK) and so many brands supported the cafe. 

It’s unlike anything in Kuwait right now

What can we learn from Cafe 312

Simply one thing: Hire disabled people!

In the end, Cafe 312 is a success story that should encourage more businesses in Kuwait to follow suit. What we have found is that the key to helping young people with special needs is to give them the chance to work and make various important decisions on a daily basis.

They are capable of doing such things, and we believe that as a brand, it’s your responsibility to hire disabled people and realize their full potential, because they are just as good as us, if not more than us. 

You don’t need a out-of-the-world idea to win the market. You can just support the society and the society will support you with undying love. 


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Written by
Karan Purswani